Our Vision

Social impact recognizes that making money and making positive change need not be mutually exclusive. Instead, they represent a virtuous cycle catalyzing our success.

Hear from CEO Bobby Turner

We define ourselves by the change we make – both financial and societal – and recognize the interdependence between the two.

bobby turner

CEO, turner impact capital

Social Impact Investing

Profits attract the capital we need to make our solutions both sustainable and scalable.

Purpose drives us forward to tackle these generational challenges.

America faces profound challenges in core areas of our society: education, housing and healthcare among them. While government and philanthropy can treat these issues, they often fail to make a lasting difference. What’s needed to truly cure these problems are investments that create market-driven, long-term, sustainable solutions.

Turner Impact Capital brings a multi-disciplinary investment approach to underserved markets characterized by large mismatches between the supply and demand of community-serving infrastructure and related services. We pursue compelling opportunities in markets where the traditional investor has been either the government or philanthropy. These opportunities are often overlooked by conventional investors, and intensified by demographic trends.

Relative to traditional investment options, social impact investing is characterized by:

Superior Risk-Adjusted Returns

Social impact investing can yield superior risk-adjusted returns as there is no need to speculate on market demand. The demand is large, growing and unmet.

Investment Diversification and Downside Protection

Social impact can generate investment returns that are typically uncorrelated to broader economic conditions, markets indices, interest rates, or other economic factors.

Lasting Solutions With No Sacrifice in Yield

By creating market-driven solutions, social impact investing can make meaningful and measurable difference in the lives of individuals, families and communities.

Ackman's Pershing Square Foundation has invested $10 million in Turner's housing fund and a similar amount in his charter schools project. "I vastly prefer for-profit solutions for problems," he said. "One of the benefits is that there is a lot more capital available.

bill ackman

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