Antonio Gonzalez

January 09, 2017

Chicago, IL

As a Regional Director, Antonio Gonzalez is responsible for underwriting, analyzing, negotiating and executing investment opportunities in the Central region. Having worked in charter school development since 2003, Antonio has built over 15,000 charter school seats.

Prior to Turner-Agassi, Antonio was a Senior Project Manager at Pacific Charter School Development (PCSD) where he oversaw the portfolio of facility development projects for Green Dot Public Schools, Alliance and other Charter School Management Organizations.

Antonio has a longstanding interest in charter schools and education. He was a founding board member of Equitas Charter Academy and currently serves as a founding board member and Vice Chair of Chicago Collegiate Charter School. Antonio is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley (B.A. Architecture) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Master in City Planning with a concentration in Housing, Community and Economic Development).