Healthcare Turner Healthcare Facilities Fund

The Turner Healthcare Facilities Fund improves access to top-quality medical care in underserved communities in order to improve healthcare outcomes for residents.

The U.S. spends significantly more than any other country on healthcare – almost twice the average of developed nations – yet we rank near the bottom among developed nations on a variety of key health indicators, including life expectancy and infant mortality. What’s more, significant disparities persist in healthcare outcomes based on income, ethnicity and geography.

This challenge to the healthcare system will continue to accelerate amid the dramatic aging of our population, the burdensome cost of treating chronic conditions, and an ongoing shift in the method of reimbursement for healthcare services.

Preventative healthcare lowers costs, improves outcomes for patients and increases demand for community-based healthcare facilities. The Turner Healthcare Facilities Fund is addressing this demand by developing community-serving healthcare facilities for healthcare providers with a proven track record of both clinical and financial success.

By developing top-quality healthcare facilities directly where they are needed, the Fund aims to have a measurable impact on reducing disparities in health outcomes and improving overall patient satisfaction  in underserved communities throughout the U.S.

The Turner Healthcare Facilities Fund is positioned to invest up to $400 million in a variety of healthcare facilities focused on primary care, transitional care, ambulatory care and other specialties in underserved communities. The Fund’s first investments are in facilities developed for ChenMed, an innovative Florida-based physician practice that brings concierge-style medicine and improved health outcomes to low- and moderate-income seniors. The first Turner-funded center opened in August 2017 in St. Petersburg, Florida.


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