The Challenge

The U.S. spends significantly more than any other country on healthcare – almost twice the average of developed nations – yet we rank near the bottom among developed nations on a variety of key health outcomes, including life expectancy and infant mortality. What’s more, significant disparities persist in healthcare access and outcomes based on income, ethnicity and geography.

Current trendlines confirm the challenge will continue growing amid the dramatic aging of our population, the burdensome cost of treating chronic conditions, and a rapid and dynamic shift in the method of reimbursement for healthcare services

The Opportunity

The Turner Healthcare Facilities Fund will address the large and growing need for healthcare facilities that can improve access to care, reduce costs and ultimately improve health outcomes for residents of low-and moderate-income communities throughout the U.S. The Fund will deliver community-serving facilities focused on primary care, transitional care, ambulatory care and other specialties for a variety of healthcare providers with proven track records of financial and clinical success.

The Impact

The Turner Healthcare Facilities Fund aims to invest $100 million in patient-centered healthcare facilities over its first 12 to 18 months in communities around the United States.