The Power Of Purpose: How Purpose Drives Profit At Turner Impact Capital


January 28, 2019

At the polished but understated offices of Turner Impact Capital in Santa Monica, Bobby Turner speaks with the precision, zeal, and glee of someone who has clearly found their life’s purpose. “I went to the Wharton School and graduated in 1984 with a black belt in how to create wealth. I always assumed, and I think I was misinformed, that with the accumulation of wealth would come the accumulation of happiness. But I realized very quickly, working for Drexel Burnham Lambert in the Eighties, that the accumulation of wealth was not enough for me. They weren’t accomplishments that were necessarily aligned with my values. No one gets happy by being in survival mode, but I realized very quickly that making money for just the sake of making money was not going to make me a happy human.”