Chris Paul on “Sustainable and Scalable Change” with Turner Impact

Fast Company

March 23, 2017

On the court, Chris Paul is a force for the Los Angeles Clippers, recently returning from a thumb injury to put up double-digit points in back-to-back games. On Instagram, Paul is similarly competitive—racking up 6.2 million followers by being able to laugh at his mistakes (and buddy Kevin Hart’s relentless mocking). Back in 2015, for example, Paul was knocked to the ground by a fierce crossover from Steph Curry. Hart, of course, sent Paul a meme of the shot, his body bent over a Twister board.

These kinds of hijinks make Paul’s Instagram feel like a sort of playground, for Hart and for Paul’s kids, including the AAU youth teams he works with. Fast Company spoke with Paul about his Instagram strategies and his new philanthropic opportunity with real estate investment firm Turner Impact Capital.