Agassi-Like Ways of Impact Investing

Wharton Magazine

December 23, 2014

As Bobby Turner, W’84, explained, there isn’t a magazine called Social Impact just yet—not in print, and especially not in iPad, Android or Kindle versions. So when University of Pennsylvania students want to find out more about their exciting, growing field, one of their best ways to do so is to listen to practitioners—better yet, pioneers—like Turner, who has excelled at using market forces to revolutionize how urban development, schooling and other societal problems are tackled as CEO of Turner Impact Capital LLC.

It’s the reason why Turner and wife Lauren Golub Turner, W’85, endowed the semiannual Lauren & Bobby Turner Social Impact Executive Speaker Series in 2010.

What you get from the series are intimate discussions with brand-name celebrities like Eva Longoria and Ashton Kuchner (see the video below). What you get from Turner during these talks are his strong views of the power of social impact, as well as very intriguing ways to look at and define “social impact.” It’s a term that leaves people scratching their heads at times.

As Turner told the audience at the fall 2014 lecture, people continue to ask him, “What is social impact?”