Andre Agassi: ‘Every kid deserves the best education’


October 06, 2014

This school year saw the opening of two new charter schools in the Las Vegas valley. Somerset Academy in North Las Vegas and Doral Academy in the southwest.

Former tennis pro and Las Vegas native Andre Agassi helped bring in funding to open the campuses. He says while charter schools may not be perfect, they are still critical in a community like Las Vegas.

A lot of people have high hopes for the charter schools even though the latest national report shows Nevada is dead last on the list in terms of the number of students attending the schools and how well they are doing in class.

Despite that news, charter school advocates like Andre Agassi continue to invest millions of dollars to support the effort.

Agassi and his partner Bobby Turner toured Somerset and Doral academies Wednesday as the schools celebrated their grand openings. Agassi and Turner helped fund the schools as part of their nationwide charter school development venture.